June 22, 2024

Amy’s Drive-Thru To Expand With Over 25 Sites By 2027


Amy’s Kitchen’s Amy’s Drive Thru is announcing a huge expansion of its meatless menu and wider sustainable efforts over the coming years

Amy's Kitchen to expand with 25 to 30 sites by 2027

Reading Time: < 1 minute It comes after the company was inundated with requests for more drive-thrus in their area Credit: Instagram

Reading Time: < 1 minute

US meatless fast-food chain Amy’s Drive-Thru has announced major plans to roll out between 25 and 30 new outlets over the coming five years. 

The business is an arm of frozen food giant, Amy’s Kitchen, and is also described as being the first organic vegetarian fast food restaurant in the US.

By 2027, the company will continue the expansion of its vegetarian and vegan menus, designed with sustainability in mind.

Amy’s Drive-Thru

“We never could have imagined where we would be today with more and more people.

“Especially younger generations, choosing to eat vegetarian and vegan,” CEO and co-founder Andy Berliner told VegNews.

The company opened its fourth California site earlier this month. Further expansion down the West Coast will involve at least 25 new locations in California across the coming five years.

“We get so many requests from people across the country to open a drive-thru in their community,” Berliner added.

It comes as the company wants to make healthier fast food alternatives more widely available.

Currently, all items are suitable for vegetarians, with all options available to be made vegan at customer request.

Sustainability drive

Plans are also to make Amy’s both zero waste and zero impact from solar panels on each outlet, to compostable packaging.

Berliner also said: “The restaurant industry, and fast food, in particular, has to evolve with our consumers. 

“Younger consumers are really the ones fueling this excitement and the majority are making their own decision to omit animal protein altogether.

“We hope this motivates more restaurants to start serving more vegetarian and plant-based foods, more sustainably. 

“It’s an exciting time to be in food and also a critical time for the future of our planet.”

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