June 15, 2024

Female-Led Ice-Cream Company To Transition To ‘Animal-Free’ With Perfect Day


Perfect Day is bringing its ‘animal-free’ milk products made with precision fermentation on board female-led ice-cream firm Coolhaus

Perfect Day joins forces with Coolhaus on precision fermentation

Reading Time: < 1 minute ‘For us, this is about the long game’ Credit: Coolhaus

Reading Time: < 1 minute

A female-led ice cream company is transitioning away from dairy to use precision-fermentation “animal-free” milk as part of a business deal with Perfect Day.

The firm uses cow genes from a database to recreate casein and whey in a “non-invasive” process. 

Now, Perfect Day will be used in Coolhaus’ ice dessert products. This is in a shared goal of creating a more sustainable food system.

It is part of the wider alternative protein industry, expected to soar even further since garnering over $1 billion in revenue across the pandemic.

Perfect Day joins female-owned ice cream brand

The Urgent Company, which is the consumer brands subsidiary of Perfect Day, announced it had acquired Coolhaus this week.

As part of the deal, the companies will merge resources, structure, and social impact. 

This includes the transition from cow dairy to “animal-free dairy,” because according to Perfect Day, it generates a staggering 979 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

As a brand, Coolhaus also prides itself on inspiring “the next generation” of women and LGBTQ+ creators. 

Plant-based ice cream

“For us, this is about the long game. The integration of Perfect Day protein into our line of beloved dairy ice cream and novelties is going to elevate our product into the next generation of foods making a difference for our families and our planet,” founder Natasha Case said in a statement.

Now Perfect Day joins plant-based ice-cream icon Brave Robot as a top brand of The Urgent Company. 

Since its 2020 debut, Brave Robot has sold a staggering one million pints. And, is available across thousands of grocery stores.

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