June 17, 2024

Record-Breaking: Veganuary 2022 Celebrates Over 600,000 Sign-Ups


This year Veganuary 2022 has become a record-breaker as after just over two weeks in it’s beaten last year’s record of participants

Veganuary 2022 sees victory in record number sign-ups

Reading Time: 2 minutes Organizers say they are ‘unsurprised’ by the victory Credit: Davide Angelini/Adobe

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today, Veganuary 2022 becomes the biggest it’s ever been. And that’s because, with just less than two weeks to go, sign-ups have surpassed last year’s record-breaking figures.

Last year, participants taking part in the month-long pledge to go vegan reached 580,000. But as of 9am on Tuesday, January 18, numbers climbed to 605,000.

Veganuary 2022 becomes record-breaking year

Organizers credit the boost from prominent celebrities as being a key driver. Figures  including the likes of Joanna Lumley, Deborah Meaden, Venus Williams, Dr. Jane Goodall, NYC Mayor Eric Adams, and Benjamin Zephaniah are among the big names encouraging people to try out the lifestyle.

Moreover, the numbers are set to climb even higher as sign-ups “remain strong.”

Meaden, a businessperson known for her appearance on Dragon’s Den, joined as an ambassador this year after taking part back in 2020.

In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “Taking part in Veganuary helped me change how I eat. And now my diet is the best for animals, the planet, and for me. 

“If the climate crisis, animal suffering, or the loss of wild places and species concerns you, sign up, take part, and let Veganuary help you, too.”

Why has Veganuary been so successful this year?

This month, hundreds of new plant-based products and menu offerings arrived in stores and restaurants across the world.

There were big drops from the likes of Impossible Foods and Costa, to Linda McCartney and Morrisons to make the movement more accessible for those new to it.

From vegan cheese to sweets, entire menus, and Starbucks dropping its surcharge on plant milk in the UK, accessibility was endless – and it only keeps momentum. It’s also involved extensive campaigning.

Elsewhere, businesses took part in the Veganuary Workplace Challenge. This involves encouraging employees to try veganism this month by eating more meatless meals when at work.

Toni Vernelli is head of communications for Veganuary. She told PBN: “It is incredibly exciting to be marking the biggest Veganuary on record with two weeks of January still to go. But, it is not surprising. 

“As more people become aware of the incredible impact our food choices have on the health of our planet, attitudes towards eating vegan are changing and so are our diets.”

You can find out more about Veganuary here

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