July 20, 2024

Welsh Pub Makes Entire Menu Vegan Amid Veganuary Success


A country pub in South Wales is now sporting a vegan menu beyond January, aka Veganuary 2022 since the owners found the benefits

Welsh pub goes vegan for January

Reading Time: 2 minutes The owners say they’re on track for their busiest month in 17 years Credit: The Queen Inn

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A country pub in South Wales has gone vegan after a successful trial this Veganuary which saw the team witness soaring success. Now, meat and dairy will remain firmly out of its walls.

As part of Veganuary 2022, the monthly pledge program aimed at helping people go vegan for 31 days and beyond, The Queen Inn witnessed a notable increase in punters.

The Cwmbran pub had implored an entirely plant-based menu since the pub’s owners discovered the marveled effects of joining the movement. Now, it announces that menu is here to stay – with some new additions.

Welsh pub goes vegan for Veganuary

Gareth and Jane Edwards have held the pub for more than a decade with their son Ryan. When both Ryan and Jane went vegan a year ago, they noticed “incredible effects” on their health.

The 24-year-old said he took part in Veganuary 2020 as a challenge to see how he’d “cope.” He spent the year phasing out animal products and witnessed a clear change in his skin and general health.

He anticipated an “insanely busy” month at the pub. And, his reservations were right.

“Last month was our busiest ever and we did 1,420 meals. But we’ve already done over 650 in the first 11 days, with over 800 booked for the rest of this month, and we still have plenty of availability,” he told PBN.

The new menu saw meals such as vegan chicken madras, enchiladas, and a breakfast burger.

Seeking further expansion, The Queen Inn is set to take on McDonald’s and KFC with “pub vegan” versions of the Big Mac and Double Down.

Veganuary 2022

The establishment has relied on gradually increasing vegan options, business permitting. Across 2021, sharing vegan meals drew more plant-based customers.

By September, the menu grew to become 40 percent vegan, Edwards explains. Then, they began discussing transforming the menu plant-based. “My god, has it been worthwhile,” he adds.

This month, thousands of people around the globe are giving veganism a go as part of Veganuary 2022.

Businesses such as The Queen Inn are ramping up plant-based offerings to support this, alongside key experts and celebrities.

This coming year, the program is celebrating continued expansion. Now, campaign hubs exist in the US, UK, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and India.

You can sign up for the Veganuary pledge 2022

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