June 22, 2024

Fantasy Springs Sneak Peek: Frozen, Tangled & Peter Pan Ride & Restaurant Details!


We’re just 100 days away from the opening of Fantasy Springs, Disney's blockbuster new land themed to Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan. In commemoration of the milestone, Oriental Land Co. has announced new details of attractions, facilities,

We’re just 100 days away from the opening of Fantasy Springs, Disney’s blockbuster new land themed to Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan. In commemoration of the milestone, Oriental Land Co. has announced new details of attractions, facilities, merchandise, food & beverage items in the eighth themed port at Tokyo DisneySea set to officially open on June 6, 2024.

Themed to magical springs that lead to a world of Disney fantasy, Fantasy Springs consists of three areas inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios films: Frozen Kingdom, Rapunzel’s Forest and Peter Pan’s Never Land. The new port will also feature Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, which abuts Bayside Station (the monorail station) and a bunch of third party hotels, plus Toy Story Hotel.

Within Tokyo DisneySea, Fantasy Springs is on the far side of the park, nestled between Lost River Delta and Arabian Coast. (It’s about a mile-long marathon from the front entrance to Fantasy Springs…or direct from the in-park Fantasy Springs Hotel.) At the Fantasy Springs entryway guests will be welcomed by an archway adorned with magical springs representing characters such as Peter Pan, Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel. The themed port also features motifs of a variety of other beloved characters, inviting guests into this world of Disney fantasy.

An abundance of offerings that evoke the world of the films, including attractions, restaurants, a merchandise shop, and the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, will allow guests to enjoy a wide variety of experiences. Guests can feel as if they have stepped right into a Disney animated movie, delight in seeing some of their favorite character friends, and be enveloped by music, making their time at Tokyo DisneySea all the more immersive and enjoyable.

With the grand opening of Fantasy Springs just around the corner, guests from around the world can look forward to a new adventure at Tokyo DisneySea. Here’s what we’ve just learned as Fantasy Springs hit its 100-day away mark!

Frozen Kingdom

Frozen Kingdom brings to life the world from the film Frozen. In the blissful world that unfolded after the film’s finale, guests are invited to visit the kingdom of Arendelle, enveloped in a warm and celebratory atmosphere. This is where Elsa, who had hidden her magical ability to create ice and snow, finally embraced her power as an integral part of herself and gained the freedom to wield magic effortlessly with the power of “true love.”

In Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, guests board a boat and enjoy the heartwarming tale of Anna and Elsa, accompanied by the original film’s well-known songs. Additionally, guests can dine at the Royal Banquet of Arendelle restaurant, or stop by Oaken’s OK Foods, the small, cheerful eatery run by Oaken. The buildings feature rosemaling (decorative Norwegian folk art) embellishments and iceinspired geometric designs, immersing guests in the world of Frozen.

The big news with regard to Frozen Kingdom is that OLC has shared how the attraction will differ from Frozen Ever After. It’s long been suspected that, unlike the rides at Hong Kong Disneyland or Walt Disney Studios Park, this would not simply be a plussed-up clone of Frozen Ever After. Now we have official confirmation of that.

In the Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey attraction, guests set out on a voyage by boat that leads them through the events of Frozen. Through this voyage, guests will enjoy an adventurous and heartwarming tale of two sisters with themes of true love. Grand Pabbie, the leader of the trolls, first draws guests into the world of the film as he tells the tale of Anna and Elsa to two young trolls, bringing the sisters’ childhood memories back to life with an iridescent light through his magic.

Guests then embark on a journey through the sisters’ memories, accompanied by well-known songs from the film, including “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” “For the First Time in Forever” and “Love Is an Open Door,” the duet sung by Anna and Hans at the top of the clock tower.

Guests will also be able to enjoy the fan-favorite “Let It Go,” sung by Elsa as she climbs North Mountain, where she creates an ice palace with her powers. The climax of the attraction depicts Anna turning to ice in an attempt to save Elsa from Hans. In Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, guests can look forward to seeing how the events of the story play out, while delighting in a tale of adventure and true love.

As previously announced, Frozen Kingdom will offer two dining options, the Royal Banquet of Arendelle and Oaken’s OK Foods, both of which are quick-service restaurants. Anna and Elsa have opened the gates to the castle, which has been transformed into a dining area filled with books and artwork of beloved “Frozen” characters. Inside the Royal Banquet of Arendelle, you can even dine in the place of Elsa’s coronation.

Guests who dine at the 570-seat Royal Banquet of Arendelle restaurant will be able to join the celebratory banquet and enjoy an offering called “Arendelle’s Royal Set.” This meal is served to guests in a basket and includes a variety of mouthwatering dishes from appetizers to dessert.

Rapunzel’s Forest

For those who love “Tangled,” Rapunzel’s Forest will transport you directly into the world of the Disney Animation film where Rapunzel has lived since she was a child.

Here, guests can enjoy Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival, the first attraction in the Disney park around the world to bring the story of Rapunzel to life, and embark on a romantic journey aboard a boat. Along the way, guests will encounter Rapunzel and the legendary thief, Flynn Rider, and see their love blossom at the Lantern Festival. Guests can also stop by for a meal at The Snuggly Duckling restaurant, which is inspired by the tavern frequented by the ruffians in the film.

For the first time ever at a Disney park, the story of Rapunzel will come to life at Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival. In this attraction, guests enjoy a romantic gondola tour that leads to the annual Lantern Festival, where they follow Rapunzel as she experiences her “best day ever” and meets Flynn Rider for the first time. Guests will make their way towards the tower where Rapunzel lives, and will find her gazing out of her lofty tower window, singing “When Will My Life Begin,” as Flynn Rider watches on.

Rapunzel escapes from the tower and with Flynn Rider at her side, the two develop a strong bond as they visit various locations featured in the film. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider go on to sing “I See the Light,” and guests are enveloped by the glow of countless lanterns filling the night sky.

OLC also released new details about the dining options in Rapunzel’s Forest. The Snuggly Duckling, a counter-service restaurant with seating for approximately 620 guests, is where Rapunzel befriends the local rough-and-tumble crowd in the film. The restaurant is hidden behind the foliage of a massive tree that is partially growing into the building, and the iconic Snuggly Duckling sign by the entrance welcomes guests inside.

The interior of the Snugly Duckling restaurant brings to life the world of the film in its rooms, recreating places from the film such as the tavern and stable. Guests can delight in gazing upon the décor, which depicts the happily-ever-after stories of the tavern’s lovable ruffians.

Guests will also be able to chow down on the “Duckling’s Dream Cheeseburger,” which includes a juicy patty and sausage sandwiched between a yellow duck-colored bun. For those with a sweet tooth, the restaurant will offer the “Sweet Ever After Dessert” which is served in a frying pan like the one Rapunzel uses to protect herself in the film.

Peter Pan’s Never Land

Join the fun-loving and adventurous Lost Kids on an epic adventure in Peter Pan’s Never Land, from Captain Hook’s pirate ship to Pixie Hollow.

In the attraction Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, guests join the Lost Kids, a group of fun-loving and adventurous children, and take part in an epic adventure through Never Land with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to rescue John from Captain Hook and his band of pirates.

Guests can also stop by for a meal at Lookout Cookout, a restaurant created by the Lost Kids. At Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies in Pixie Hollow, the fairy valley, guests can experience riding in a buggy made by Tinker Bell.

On Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Lost Kids on an epic adventure to rescue John from Captain Hook and his band of pirates.

When Peter Pan informs guests that John has been kidnapped by Captain Hook and his pirate crew, they board a boat and set off on an adventure. Tinker Bell then sprinkles fairy dust on the boat, allowing guests to soar into the sky.

During their journey, guests encounter Wendy, Michael, the mermaids, Tiger Lily and other beloved characters from the film. Guests will discover Captain Hook’s moored ship, the Jolly Roger, and look on as a battle with the pirates ensues.

By boarding a boat and wearing goggles, guests will be able to enjoy Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure in 3D. For safety reasons, this attraction has a minimum height requirement of 102 cm (~40 inches).

Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies is an attraction located in Pixie Hollow, the fairy valley in Never Land where Tinker Bell lives. In this attraction, guests board a Busy Buggy, a vehicle made by Tinker Bell, and explore the fairy valley and its changing seasons.

Upon entering the attraction, everything – from flowers and mushrooms to painting utensils and pieces of nibbled cheese – will appear bigger in size, leading guests to realize that they have shrunk down to the size of a fairy and entered their world.

The attraction’s boarding area is a delivery service location where guests board a Busy Buggy and help Tinker Bell deliver items throughout the fairy valley.

Guests can experience the changing seasons of Pixie Hollow as the Busy Buggies move in unpredictable directions throughout the fairy valley.

Lookout Cookout is a hideout created by the Lost Kids that also serves as a counter service restaurant with approximately 200 seats. This restaurant brims with playfulness and was made from parts of a shipwreck that had washed ashore in Never Land. Inside Lookout Cookout, guests will find items that the Lost Kids use daily, such as pajamas and hammocks, giving a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Lost Kids.

On the menu are items inspired by the Lost Kids and their self-made hideout, such as Lost Kids’ Snack Box that includes chicken tenders, seaweed fritters, banana chips and shrimp chips, and a “Pixie Dust Soda” that comes with a star-shaped topping that dissolves into the drink, creating a silver sparkling effect inspired by Tinker Bell’s magical pixie dust.

There’s even a new popcorn flavor at the popcorn wagon in Peter Pan’s Never Land! Available for the first time at Tokyo Disney Resort, the Roast Beef Popcorn features a robust flavor seasoned with salt and black pepper, and aromas of roasted meat and gravy.

Fantasy Springs Merchandise

Fantasy Springs Gifts is a shop located on the first floor of Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel. This shop can be accessed only from Tokyo DisneySea. Guests can experience the alluring fairy tales of the magical springs while shopping for their favorite items at Fantasy Springs Gifts, which features an interior with designs inspired by the springs and their surrounding nature and wildlife.

Springs Treasures is a wagon-style kiosk located along the pathway leading from Arabian Coast to Fantasy Springs. This wagon offers a variety of Disney merchandise.

Finally, here’s a new sneak peek video inside Fantasy Springs:

Gotta be honest–I only made it 17 seconds into that video before getting goosebumps and turning it off. We’re going to see this in person, and as someone who is anti-spoiler, I’d rather the grand reveal occur that way…even if I have seen the model flyover dozens of times and work progressing on this from the monorail over the course of the last several years. All of that just isn’t the same as the finished (nearly-finished?) land.

But judging by the reaction on social media, the video is good and the land looks impressive. We’d expect no less from Imagineering when “unleashed” and given a blank check from OLC. This should put to rest once and for all whether WDI is creatively-bankrupt as some critics claim, or it’s just a matter of having their hands tied. Personally, I’d put all of my chips on the latter and expect to be fully blown away by Fantasy Springs.

We cannot wait. Baby Bricker’s passport has arrived, our flights and accommodations are booked, and we are anxiously awaiting Megatron’s first international trip for the opening of Fantasy Springs. Anxiously awaiting is very much the operative term, as we’re nervous about traveling for the first time in a long time, trying to figure out the right luggage combo, the optimal number of diapers to pack, and other things we did not anticipate having to figure out.

One of those would be the same with or without baby, which is accessing Fantasy Springs. We’re still holding out hope for soft openings, but we’re also preparing for the possibility that they’re pre-registered or for corporate sponsors only, in which case our time in Fantasy Springs will be starting June 6.

As a reminder, to enter Fantasy Springs and enjoy the new locations and attractions, a Standby Pass (available free of charge) or Disney Premier Access (available for a fee) for eligible attractions in Fantasy Springs will be required, in addition to a valid Park ticket for Tokyo DisneySea. These will be available after entering Tokyo DisneySea, meaning there’s going to be a huge crowd at rope drop that stops in their tracks in Aquasphere Plaza to book the free Standby Pass or buy Premier Access for the land and its access.

That setup is going to mean that Fantasy Springs will be almost impossible to fully experience in a single day, as the best case scenario is probably getting a Standby Pass for one ride and Premier Access for another. It might also be possible to do the rope drop dash to Fantasy Springs and experience a ride by standby before the crowds build and the new port switches to the virtual queue systems. We shall see. One thing is for sure–that Fantasy Springs is going to be insanely popular and demand will far outstrip capacity for a long time. It’s not just going to be the opening month or two, either. This is the biggest expansion at Tokyo Disney Resort since 2001; if past attraction additions are any indication, Fantasy Springs will be busy for the next decade-plus.

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Thoughts on the new details about rides and restaurants in Fantasy Springs? Excited to experience this eighth themed port of call at Tokyo DisneySea? What do you think of the Peter Pan’s Never Land, Rapunzel’s Forest, and Frozen Kingdom? Wish the domestic parks would build lands and attractions like this? Do you agree or disagree with our assessment? Any questions? Hearing your feedback—even when you disagree with us—is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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