July 20, 2024

Have a Homemade Valentine\’s Day


Look here for more than 60 different ideas for homemade Valentine's Day cards and gifts!

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I like Valentine\’s Day. A lot.

I know a lot of people say it\’s a made up holiday, that it\’s meaningless, and that it\’s too commercial, but I disagree. When you make homemade Valentine\’s Day gifts and cards, the holiday can simply be about appreciating the people you love.

That\’s what it\’s about to me.

In the posts below, you will find more than sixty different ideas for a homemade Valentine\’s Day. Whether your Valentine is your parent, grandparent, child, spouse, or even just a friend, you will find something to please them.printable valentine cardprintable valentine cardPin

  • Process-driven Valentines

    I created an invitation for my kids to make cards, and they jumped right in!

  • Valentine Fortune Cookies with 4 pages of free printable fortunes

  • Foods to Make for Your Valentine (includes foods that are easy enough for small children)

  • Gifts to Make for Your Valentine\’s Home

  • Gifts to Make for Children

  • Crafty Cards and Gifts for Valentine\’s Day

  • Gifts Young Children Can Make for Adults

  • Gifts Young Children Can Make for their Friends

  • Valentine Gifts to Print and Frame

  • Valentine Cards to Print

  • The printable Valentine card I created

What are you making this year for Valentine\’s Day?

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