July 21, 2024

Focusing on…Head-to-Toe Masking


While a sheet mask may be great for a quick selfie on Insta-stories, head-to-toe masking is well worth the pamper session…


The last six months have seen a whole host of fresh beauty trends arrive on the scene all relating to one thing – skin masks. The hype first began with multi-masking late last year and has since evolved into a rather crazy, sometimes scary looking, sheet mask frenzy originating from much coveted K-beauty brands.

While a sheet mask may be great for a quick selfie on Insta-stories, the results are also worth the pamper session, and now that masks aren’t just limited to the face, the favourite beauty regime offers many more benefits to cover you from head-to-toe. For those not fully committed to the masking trend just yet, we’ve got your back…


Sheet masks for the face, as we have discovered, can create limitless fun and some great selfies, but there are several types of masks which are also super effective for different skin types and concerns. While charcoal masks target pore reduction; mud and clay masks are best for congested skin, and hydrating masks are ideal for those dry and dehydrated areas.

Recommended Product

Masque Bar Anti-Blemish Mud Mask


This mud mask from Masque bar is ideal for those who suffer from occasional imperfections or hormonal breakouts; offering a non-drying formula that helps soothe and calm breakouts without drying out the rest of your skin.


With the increased popularity of matte lipsticks – especially our favoured liquid formula – lip masks have become a staple in many beauty routines, which, we must confess, have us hooked! A number of masks for the lips are moulded to perfectly fit the shape of your mouth, providing a gel mould infused with a wonder serum to revive and plump the driest of lips.


It’s a known fact that winter takes its toll on our skin. When the temperature takes a turn for the worst, the first place we notice the chill is our hands. Softening glove masks deliver an intense shot of hydration to combat dry, cracked skin to leave hands desirably soft and supple.

Recommended Product

7TH Heaven Soften Glow Masques


These hand glove masques are a must have treatment for hands that
need some love and attention. Leave to soak in all the goodness for
15-20 minutes before removing and massaging excess product into the
skin for long-lasting protection.


Dry, rough feet in need of some TLC? We feel you! During the winter, we cannot help but neglect our feet, and the thought of getting to work with a pumice stone isn’t the most appealing part of a pamper routine. Sock masks are a fail-proof way to rid dry, rough skin to gain back control of your tootsies. If you’re feeling extra experimental or have tough dry/cracked skin, it may be worth considering a pair of exfoliant foot mask socks, which utilise fruit acids to gradually peel away the dead skin. It may sound gross, but you’ll thank us later.

Recommended Product

7TH Heaven Softening Sock Masques


Just like the skin on your face and hands, when temperatures drop, you’ll likely notice your feet becoming increasingly more dry, chapped or cracked. These sock masques can be popped on for 15 minutes to provide soft, silky tootsies you’re proud to show off!


At times, we can be forgiven for forgetting about our hair in the midst of a pampering session, but hair masks are a game changer for achieving super soft locks. Weekly conditioning treatments in the form of hair masks can do wonders for the Rapunzel look; deeply nourishing at the cuticle for shinier, more manageable tresses. Hair caps are also starting to make their way over from beauty-savvy Korea, utilising scalp heat to deliver an even more intensive treatment.

Face, hands or feet feeling parched? Discovering the array of masks in our Build Your Own section couldn’t be easier…

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