July 22, 2024

Get The Look: Festival Beauty


Wherever you're pitching your tent this festival season, we've put together two super fun & easy looks to help you look the best in your field 😉

festival look

From Glastonbury and Bestival to Isle of Wight, Lovebox and V-festival, the festival season is well and truly upon us, and that means one thing: glitter in abundance. We know, very original, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? LiB HQ is fully embracing festival fever and with the launch of our new Festival Box, we just couldn’t resist covering ourselves head-to-toe in fun colours, LOTS of sparkle and sass (though we already had that last one). Festival looks don’t have to be overly intricate to grab attention (although, there are some FAB creative ideas doing the rounds on Pinterest) so we thought we would put together two crowd pleasing makeup and hair looks that’ll have you rocking out in style. Minimal effort, maximum impact is the motto here, ladies!

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So, other than the music, the one main priority at festivals is to get glitter happy, durrrr. Obvs, our looks are very heavy on the glitter as it’s the simplest thing that can completely change your look – taking it from demure and pretty to off-the-scale mer-mazing! Ellie (LiB’s Digital Marketing Executive) opted for Beauty Boulevard’s Stardust Glitter in Cosmic Child, a tealy mermaid-esque blue, to add a scaly effect. You can quite literally use this stuff anywhere your festival heart desires (seriously, our carpet looks great…), and reduce or increase the amount depending on the look you’re going for. I opted for the pink Stardust Babylon Zoo shade for rocking roots, because, well, brown just wasn’t cutting it. I also glitterfied my cheeks because this look is all or nothing! The Stardust glitters are super easy to use and come with binding gel and a brush for application. Who needs to contour and highlight when you’ve got glitter?



Both of our looks were dominated by colour. In fact, it’s enough colour to permit you to use the #mycolourfullife hashtag on Instagram. How relevant that is to your life can only be decided by you, but if you hadn’t guessed, we lead very colourful lives, even at the office. The star of our show was the MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette, which – as the name suggests – deffo brings the pop. The collection of 12 pigmented shades can be worn loud and proud on the festival field and are great fun to play with; either blend together one to three shades like Ellie, or go full on rainbow like me – the only rule? Be creative! For the really ‘out there’ festival beauty look, use these shades on your eyebrows so they coordinate. I added a hint of purple into my boring brown brows, however it was only visible when they caught the light – but trust us, it looks wicked!


Our hair is there for experimentation, and if you’ve got blonde locks, the looks you can create are endless. In place of flower crowns, for Ellie’s hair we opted for a neon pink glitter spray, which pulled the look ellie-1together in a super fun way. You could, of course, add the traditional festival flower crown if you wanted to up your festival game – the possibilities are endless. You can either go the whole hog and coat your entire hair, or keep it simple with dip-dying your ends. The latter, we think, is particularly effective. This hair spray may have felt a little drying, but the effect was totes worth it. We actually used a can of colour from the Primark Trolls range, but you can pick something similar up from both Claire’s and Superdrug. Choose any colour you want, or all of them….


The 90s trend that’s had a full on revival: face gems. These little touches of shiny, sparkly goodness can be used anywhere; above brows, under brows, forehead, cheek bones, and even as rainbow tears (legit what happens when mermaids cry, obvs). There are so many styles to play around with and if you wanted to keep it mega simple, you could create a whole look only using face gems. Ours were used for final touches and were iridescent-like colours from a pack we picked up at Primark. Top tip? Secure with lash glue to stop them falling out ‘cus ours got everywhere, including in our bra and our belly button – no we’re not kidding.


Tattoos: everyone loves ‘em but not everyone wants to commit to permanent ink. This is where temporary metallic tats come in handy for fun and frolics at festivals. Mix gold and silver for eye-catching looks and layer them like jewellery to make a statement.

PS. For the festival season, we’d deffo recommend our Festival Essentials Box! Wherever you’re pitching your tent, make sure you’ve packed this little box of treats to help you look the best in your field ?.



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