July 24, 2024

5 tips for achieving a flawless fake tan


If glowing, bronzed goddess is more your vibe than ‘you’ve been tangoed’, it’s worth following these 5 steps for a flawless fake tan…


Chances are many of you hold memories of previous tanning mistakes – not to mention the Facebook evidence to match. We confess – we’ve resembled an Oompa Loompa on one too many occasions, so fear not, you’re not alone. Achieving the faux glow at home is often tricky to master, but if you’re not going on holiday or just want to avoid the damaging effects of the sun, opting for a bottle of the fake stuff is probs your best bet. If glowing, bronzed goddess is more your vibe than ‘you’ve been tangoed’ (think Ross Geller post spray tan – you know the episode ?) it’s worth following these 5 steps for a flawless fake tan…


No matter which tanning products you use, they are only ever as good as the canvas you work from, so don’t skip the prep. This is really important when it comes to fake tanning and surprisingly, is often overlooked. Therefore, you should avoid any hair removal on the day of tanning. Any hair removal should be done 24 hours prior to ensure the skin has calmed and pores have closed. Like most things in life, put in the effort before your tan and you will reap the benefits of a long-lasting, even finish.


You’ve got to scrub up well to tan, and whether you manually exfoliate with a body scrub or turn to the trusty exfoliation gloves, this step is imperative for a smoother, more even tan. If your dead skin starts to shed in the days after your tanning efforts, the colour will go patchy or disappear entirely. This goes for any area you wish to tan, including the face (but go for something gentler than what you used on your body, obvs).

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Y’know how it is: you think you’ve got your tanning technique down and you’re not looking too shabby, until you look at your elbows, knees and feet – not to mention the state of your palms and knuckles. Hydrate all troublesome areas to create a barrier between the product and your skin, and remember to stick to something lightweight and let it sink in before tanning.

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They may look a tad funny (we’ve all been caught starkers with nothing but a tanning mitt in hand, right?) but trust us when we say that the mitt is your BFF when it comes to tanning. Whether you’re using a lotion, mousse or oil formula, the tanning mitt is a game changer for avoiding streaks and build up. Mitts offer a flat surface for even spreading and work for every area of the body. Use product sparingly and go slow, working up from your feet to your neck with circular motions.

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This may sound like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many gals are too impatient to wait for their tan to dry before getting dressed. If you’re smart, you’ll wait. Put on your fave tunes (Spice Girls anyone?), dance around in your underwear (or lack thereof – we’re not here to judge) waiting for your colour to air dry, or grab your trusty hairdryer to aid the drying process. Don’t forget to wear baggy comfy pjs and avoid white sheets if possible!

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