July 20, 2024

How to…make G&T ice lollies


Your favourite beverage has had a Summer makeover! Learn how to make gin and tonic ice lollies in these four simple steps…

G&T Ice lollies

You can’t go wrong with the classic G&T, in fact, it’s our beverage of choice in the office (when we’re not going hard on the cocktails, of course). Gin is one of those spirits that ticks all the boxes whatever the season, but when it comes to Summer drinking, it’s our go to. Is there really anything better on a hot day? Nope – we’re drawing a blank. Because staying hydrated is VERY important (just in case you need to justify it to yourself) we’ve loved staying refreshed with G&T ice lollies. Yes, you can now get your fave beverage in popsicle form at your local Aldi, but it’s much more fun to make them yourself. Learn how to make gin and tonic ice lollies in these four simple steps…


Obviously, you can choose whatever gin suits your taste and budget and this recipe can create a number of flavours (raspberry gin is super tasty, as is regular gin with elderflower as opposed to tonic). Once you’ve chosen your preferred gin and tonic, combine 50ml of gin with approximately 600ml of tonic/equivalent and mix them together with a dash of lemon or lime juice.


Cucumber, raspberries, lemon, mint – it’s your choice. Chop and place into your ice lolly moulds.


Distribute the gin mix into your moulds and add a wooden stick if needed (some moulds already have them built in).


Leave overnight to freeze and voila! Now it’s time to grab your sun lounger, sit back and relax. Ps. Don’t forget your SPF!


If you’re struggling to remove the ice lollies from the mould, run them under warm water to loosen the mixture before removing.

Ps. If you fancy smelling like your fave beverage, add this to your box!

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