July 24, 2024

Allie in a Homemade Witch\’s Hat


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So Allie.

Allie is an interesting and charismatic and tenacious little creature. She never takes no for an answer.


She\’d rather lay on the floor, kicking and screaming, than accept a situation she does not find pleasing.

Because I\’m the mother, I outlast her, but it always takes much longer than I think is acceptable.

Despite her intense and strong-willed nature, Allie is affable the majority of the time. She\’s giggly and makes jokes a lot. Fun times.

The girls each made a black witch\’s hat while I was making the one for this post. They both used paint and glitter and garland, and they both came out pretty cute.

I wanted to get a photo or two of Allie sporting her fancy witch\’s hat.

She calls it her birth\’ay hat, which is always followed by I can have some birth\’ay cake now?

And then I have to crush her hopes and dreams and tell her that it\’s not her birthday, and her hat is a witch\’s hat not a birthday hat.

She says, No Mommy. It\’s a birth\’ay hat. and she pats my leg as if to comfort me in my ignorance.

That kid.

So anyway, we sat down to get a photo of her in her hat. The living room was well-lit, and I was sure it was take about five minutes to get the perfect shot.




Not so much.


She made ridiculous face after ridiculous face.


She ducked and wiggled and swerved and laughed.


I took 12 pictures.


Exactly 0 of them came out in focus with a nice expression and the hat in view.


As you can see, these are not my best ever photos.




\”Say cheese!\” I said. \”Look at the camera, Allie!\” \”Allie? Please look at Mummy.\”



This one is pretty good, I thought. You can\’t see the hat, but it\’s almost in focus and a nice expression.


She was scolding me here.


I wish I got a kiss out of all that puckering, but I didn\’t.

And this is why there is no post on making a witch\’s hat without a giant brim. Maybe someday.

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