July 24, 2024

Physiotherapy: Giving wings to your Life.


Discussing physiotherapy as a profession. How they work for a noble cause. How they become a reason to smile in others' lives.

Physiotherapy is a profession that has just taken its place in India. It basically focuses on helping patients recover fast from accidents. The accidents may have fractured their limbs or any part of the body to which full range motion may be restricted and mostly painful. Here is where the need for a physiotherapist comes. These people plan an exercise regimen for these patients. The patients are instructed to do these a particular number of times a day. The most accurately they perform this regimen, the easier it becomes to recover.

What is the need for exercise?

Most of the cases are orthopedics. Some come due to fractures or any idiopathic causes. The common symptom in all cases is the pain and inability to move through full motion hindering their day-to-day activities. 

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In physiotherapy, we are taught exercises for different regions of the body. For instance, if your leg is fractured and you are unable to bend or flex your knees, your physiotherapist will recommend resistance and isometric exercises which will strengthen your leg and thigh muscles. These exercises will activate the contraction of muscles ( flexors, extensors, abductors, and adductors). 

Most of the time, patients are not able to perform them due to pain. Physiotherapists help them by assisting them manually till they acquire the ability to actively do it on their own. 


Everybody can do exercises, what is the need for a physiotherapist then?

Most of the cases witness people complaining of pain and their non-willingness to do more exercises. Here is where the role of physiotherapist enters. They motivate patients, help them make up their minds to recover fast. As it’s rightly said, “it’s your mindset which decides your success or failure.

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The more you crave for success, the less you feel the intensity of pain”.  If your mindset is set to work for recovery, you will recover fast and you will never feel the pain. If not, you will always find excuses to not do it.

Physiotherapists form a personal bond with every patient. They treat them as their own family members. They try eliminating the fear factor in their heads and help them ease out on doing exercises. They make them believe that pain is just a fear factor in your head, It is them who controls it.


How are physiotherapists different from other medical professionals?

Doctors just diagnose and prescribe medicines. Rest is our job to get well. After most of the surgeries like in orthopedic surgeries, patients lose their complete range of motion of their limbs. Some may recover whereas some may never recover eg. Paralysed.

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This may massively destroy one’s confidence or lead to depression especially if the person is highly ambitious in life. Physiotherapists help give life to their dreams. They help them catch up in life. Patients who can’t walk begin walking properly. This may take time but hard times can’t last forever. Those are just making your way for your best time.


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