July 24, 2024

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In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we're sharing the inspiration behind the ICONS box and how it developed into one of our favourite campaigns…


In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we wanted to share with you the inspiration behind the ICONS box and how it developed into one of our favourite campaigns, which we’re hoping you’ve already fallen in love with.

To make it different from the usual birthday boxes we wanted to focus on the anniversary as a milestone celebration. For 10 years, we have made it our mission to feature the best brands and products in our beauty boxes. From luxurious hand creams to next-gen haircare, our team of industry-experts have tried and tested everything we’ve sourced, ensuring our loyal customers always get to sample first-class products. We’ve also worked with a number of media partners and have tried and tested many products internally, which made us realise that this was the perfect time to share our voice and our beauty experiences with you, our loyal customers. Our 10 Year Anniversary has been designed to be as personal as it can be, whereby the beauty brains behind our team have curated an edition of hand selected beauty icons that we hope you will love. From cult classics, to trendsetting cosmetic trailblazers, this limited-edition beauty box is full of brands and products that are iconic to all of us.

So why these products? The selection had to be brands and products that we believed in, loved, and used in our own routines. We wanted to showcase key brands we have previously worked with, in addition to those specific products and brands we see becoming future heroes; those that have immense potential to impact our ever-growing industry and should be shared and shouted about. It all began with a list of our favourite brands and products and then the ICONS campaign was born.

Thank you for helping us celebrate 10 years of Latest in Beauty, here’s to many more years of bringing you the best of the best across the industry. Join in the conversation on Twitter and let us know your thoughts on the campaign using #LIBICONS.


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