June 22, 2024

Tullamore wins award for 18-year-old single malt


Visitor centre moves to new distillery and hopes to reopen to the public in September

Tullamore won the Irish Whiskey Taste Master 2021 at the Irish Whiskey Masters for its 18-year-old single malt. John Quinn, brand ambassador for Tullamore DEW says: “I think it is a particularly good representation of an aged, finished Irish whiskey; we are very proud of it, and it is great to see it recognised.

“We continue to produce the three whiskies – grain, single malt and pot still, maturing in many different casks including both wine and fortified wine casks to finish our whiskies, and we even have some experiments with mash bills. There is a lot of stuff going on, not necessarily showing on the marketplace yet, but in the near future we will have some really interesting stuff to offer. We will have two new products releases this side of Christmas, and more in the coming years.” 

The visitor centre in Tullamore is being relocated to the impressive new distillery, hopefully to reopen in September, and will be open to the public for tours. Many of the whiskies produced in the new distillery in Tullamore are now four years old.

“We have capacity for three million cases a year. Sales were at 1.4 million cases pre-pandemic but then you always need to lay down stock. It is an expensive business, but later you are always glad you did it. It’s a real challenge, even for experienced companies, to know what you are going to need; it is better to have too much, although life can be difficult if you exceed your own sales forecasts.”

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