June 22, 2024

FIFA Plus To Stream About 40,000 Live Matches From Across The World


FIFA Plus also promises to produce original documentaries like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Among the avalanche of streaming services available to us, FIFA has added its own platform to the mix. Called FIFA Plus, the platform will initially be available free of cost. However, folks at FIFA haven’t exactly ruled out the possibility of adding a subscription tier for some of its popular competitions like the World Cup.

FIFA director of strategy Charlotte Burr hinted at a future that may suggest a Netflix-like streaming service to watch its international competition.

“There is no plan to charge a subscription fee for the service,” Burr said. “That doesn’t mean to say that we may not evolve over time should there be a value proposition that allows us to charge subscription if we step into premium rights or adopt other kinds of models. But there will always be a free experience on FIFA+,” Burr added.

The platform will also host a variety of content including thousands of live matches, Amazon Prime or Netflix style documentary and more. Also, unlike its YouTube channel, which is geo-restricted in some regions, customers will be able to avail the service from anywhere in the world.

Unlike FIFA’s other endeavors, which have drawn backlash, the reception to FIFA Plus has been surprisingly positive. Here are some of the reactions –

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