June 17, 2024

John Wilson: Three great-value wines from Lidl


Wines for the weekend: Drinks to enjoy as an aperitif, with a ribeye steak or Italian dish

Lidl held their Christmas press tasting last week, with a range of new, largely European wines. I will take a look at these when they become available but in the meantime, here are three wines that are already in stock.

Viajero Moscato; €3.99; Lidl
At just 5 per cent alcohol, it hardly qualifies as a wine; made with Moscato grapes, this is sweet, juicy and lightly fizzy, with fresh aromas and flavours of grapes. Serve well-chilled as an aperitif or party wines to Prosecco-lovers.

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Corte alle Mura 2016, Chianti Riserva; €9.99; Lidl
Fully mature now with soft ripe blackcurrant fruits, good acidity and autumnal leaves, and a dry finish. Enjoy it with a grilled ribeye steak.

Barbera d’Asti Superiore 2017; €9.99; Lidl
Maturing brambly, sour cherries and a soft finish. Perfect with pizza or pasta dishes with tomato sauce.

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