June 18, 2024

John Wilson: Two for a tenner and two rare bargains at SuperValu sale


Weekend wines: Some unusual and unique bottles are in the Spain and Portugal sale

“No customer gets bored as quickly as a wine customer, but no other is as open to experiment,” said Kevin O’Callaghan, launching the SuperValu Spanish and Portuguese wine sale with a Zoom tasting. Spain now accounts for 10 per cent of their sales. Most of that is red wine, but both sparkling and cava sales are growing.

The SuperValu Spanish sale, which got underway yesterday, will continue until March 2nd, and features a wide range of wines, including some very interesting bottles aimed at the wine customer needing inspiration. Here are a few worth checking out.

Five Hidden Lagoons Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2021, La Mancha (€10, reduced from €14.99)
You don’t often find Sauvignon Blanc growing in Spain; they have plenty of Verdejo and Albariño to supply that end of the market. Made from grapes grown high up in the mountains close to Toledo, this is a very attractive nicely aromatic Sauvignon with gooseberries, lime zest and tropical fruits. If you enjoy New Zealand Sauvignon, this should be right up your street. Very good value too.

Viñas del Vero Gewürztraminer 2021 Somontano, €10 (reduced from €14.99)
Gewürztraminer is often a little too heavy and rich for many people, but this is a delightful light refreshing version from the foothills of the Pyrenees. Fragrant rose petal aromas, fresh, lively soft green fruits and a rounded finish. Try it with green curries and chicken or prawn stir-fries. Great value for money. 

La Única, Pagos del Rey, Spain, €25 (reduced from €50, limited stocks)
Each bottle of La Única is unique – an artist hand paints each of the 15,000 bottles produced. The label gives no year and no region, as it is made from selected wines of several vintages, made from Tempranillo produced in Rioja, Ribeiro del Duero and Toro. Blended by an expert panel, it has become something of a cult wine. Powerful rich ripe dark fruits overlaid with vanilla and toasted spices.

Gonzalez Byass Apostoles 30 Year Old Medium Sherry, €15 for a half bottle, reduced from €25)
This is a magnificent sherry and possibly the best value wine in the entire sale. A blend of dry Palo Cortado and sweet Pedro Ximénez aged for 30 years, this is a delicious wine packed with toasted nuts, toffee, figs and burnt orange peel and an off-dry finish. An extraordinary wine. I intend buying a bottle or two and suggest you do likewise.

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