June 15, 2024

Here’s What The F1 Grid Will Look Like Ahead Of The 2022 Season


While Ferrari and a few others have revealed the new rides for the F1 2022 season, Alpine and Alfa Romeo are yet to showcase their cars

The new season of Formula One will flag off on March 18th, at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Ahead of it, teams across the grid have been launching their new rides for the 2022 season, which will see a significant regulation change. 

This includes a five-inch increase in the width of the Pirelli tyres, for more endurance, and the return of ground effect aerodynamics, for more wheel-to-wheel racing. Additionally, this year’s car will have smaller winglets that’ll cover the top of the front tyres. As a result, the new cars will sport a completely different avatar, and of course, an all-new livery. 

From Mercedes to Williams here’s how the the 2022 grid will look like:

Mercedes W13

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The Silver Arrows go silver this year, after having raced with a black design since the 2020. But that’s the only piece of nostalgia the current constructor’s champions will be going with. According to Head of Aerodynamics, Mike Elliott, “Only the steering wheel has carried over. We worked closely with the guys to get the tightness in the bodywork.” 

Red Bull RB18

Things are not that different in the Red Bull garage. For 2022, the team has retained its usual colors and logos, as well as the Oracle logo emblazoned along the side of the RB18. The deal is supposed to be worth $100m per season for five years. 

Ferrari F1-75

Ferrari’s 2022 prancing pony has been in development for quite some time now. From what we can see, the F1-75 features a narrower nose tip along with redesigned side pods at the outer edge. Of course, all of this comes wrapped in classic Ferrari red.

Haas VF22

Haas’ VF22 was the first car to be showcased ahead of the season. It features the same Russian-flag inspired livery from last year, thanks to the financial backing provided by Nikita Mazepin and his father Dmitry’s fertiliser company Ural Kali. Let’s just hope they get on the scoresheet this year. 

Williams FW44

For 2022, Williams has secured a multi-year sponsorship deal with Duracell, which will prominently feature on the FW44. Overall, the new features a diamond pattern with red and blue accents, with the red meant to reflect the team’s proud British heritage. 

Aston Martin AMR22

Yes, that is indeed the Aston Martin AMR22. The 2022 car has gone through some significant changes, including the brightening of its racing green colour. Along with it, the dash of pink signifying Austrian water company BWT has now been replaced with a lime green colour. 

Alpha Tauri AT03

Folks at Alpha Tauri have gone with the tried-and-tested cosmetics of last year, with a combination of blue and white livery. The only new addition here is the Italian flag being incorporated on the tips of the front wing end plates.

McLaren MCL36

Things are not very different here. Although the very distinctive orange of McLaren is now accompanied by a lighter shade of blue, replacing the electric blue of last year, for the MCL36.

Alpine A522

For 2022, the Renault-owned team has changed its colours to blue and pink, signalling the partnership with BWT as its title sponsor.

Alfa Romeo C42

“Drama” seems to be the flavour of the season for Alfa Romeo, as they wrap their 2022 challenger with a bold and striking red and white livery.

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