June 25, 2024

India to add more 40 countries for exporting vaccines


THD NewsDesk, New Delhi: On Friday, external affairs minister S Jaishankar said “India will export vaccines to 40 more countries, supplementing the list of more than 70 nations where it is exporting Covid 19 vaccines”

Addressing the Asia Economic Dialogue 2021, on the theme of ‘Post Covid-19 Global Trade and Finance Dynamics’, Jaishankar said during a discussion on free trade, “It is important stressed on the need to create an equitable global trading order so that trade between nations must be on a level-playing field”. He further added, “India, on pathway to collaborative future, has planned to export vaccines to more than 70 countries and will be adding 40 countries to this list soon”. This AED 2021 is being jointly convened by the Ministry of External Affairs and Pune International Centre.

Meanwhile, Jaishankar pointed that India in the last one year has faced three major challenges — Covid-19, economic inequalities and border problems — all of which have been addressed with effective measures. While describing India’s goal of self reliance as key to building economic strength “India has been able to withstand the disastrous consequences of Covid-19 only by early lockdown, social distancing and enforcing strict discipline” said the minister.

Although the realization is very sharp in India, but governments need to support businesses in their countries, specifically the MSMEs that is, the micro, small and medium enterprises in driving this growth, because almost every government in the world supports them, where India is seen to have deprived  as per Jaishankar.

Jaishankar stressed on the need to create an equitable global trading order by calling on Australia and Japan to collaborate with India in rebuilding the global economy. Australian foreign minister Marise Payne called for a balance of self-reliance and trustworthy partnerships at the international level to tap the best use of modern technology, artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics as a buffer against such future calamity while elaborating on Australia’s challenges with regard to openness in free trade, access to multilateral trade agenda and boosting the supply chain infrastructure.

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