July 22, 2024

Maintain Your Outdoor Pool in 7 Easy-to-Follow Steps


Outdoor pool maintenance does not need to be overwhelming. Follow these seven easy tips and you'll be on your way to making a splash.

As outdoor pool owners, you may not give much thought to the work it takes to own a pool. It’s that place where your kids splash around when they’re hot. Besides that, it’s where you can enjoy with friends over drinks in the summer. But the pool is only as good as what you do for it; if you don’t take care of it properly, then its upkeep will be more expensive than it has to be.

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Pool With Ease

Here are some tips on how to keep your outdoor pool maintained without too much trouble.

1) Get A Filter System

While this is obvious advice, many people neglect their filters until they become clogged with dirt and debris. If you have an underground filter system, check underneath once a week to see how dirty it gets. If you find out it’s too messy, then clean it or get a new one installed.

For above-ground pools, try to vacuum the pool once every week or two, depending on how much use it gets. There are solar-powered cleaners that can run off your pool’s power supply. These will automatically stir up the dirt and debris, which is sucked into a filter system for later cleaning.

2) Test The Water Often

Water chemistry is essential in maintaining a clean and healthy pool for both people and swimmers’ hair/skin/scales/whatever. Many people keep their water level at the top of the skimmer. Therefore, they don’t have to worry about testing anything. However, people who do this often have an overly acidic pool. Tests for chlorine, bromine, and pH levels should be done at least once a day, preferably more if you have a lot of swimmers in the pool or if it is left unattended overnight. Be sure to get a kit that measures all three levels so you can maintain them correctly.

3) Maintain Your Chlorination Levels

If your filter system is adequately maintained, then this part will be easier for you. To check, float something on top of the water like a foam noodle or leaf tied with string/ribbon/etc. After twenty minutes, it’ll tell you what level of chemical reaction took place based on how much/little reacted with the chlorine-soaked object. If yours is over-chlorinated, you’ll either see the object sink after 20 minutes, or it will look like a gooey plastic sheet of foam. If your levels are low, the foam will fall off the object without much happening.

4) Go Electric

One way to cut down on fuel costs is to use an electric-powered pool heater. By using electricity instead of gas or oil to heat your pool, you can save about $100 in fuel every month. Of course, you will still keep the water at a comfortable temperature for swimmers. Just be sure that if your house uses an electric heating and cooling system, you don’t overload the circuit breaker or fuse box. Otherwise, running them together will cause them to break and ruin all devices connected to them.

5) Get An Outdoor Pool Cover

Pool covers are very inexpensive, and they’ll keep your water level at the top of the skimmer, just like how it would be if you did nothing with it. Not only that, but they’ll also protect your pool from leaves and leaves that could sink into the pool and clog up your filter system. There are even solar-powered covers that will roll themselves up when nobody is using the pool. No more worries about bugs or debris getting in. Just make sure you get a blanket big enough to fit over everything in your pool, including ladders/steps/etc. Because otherwise, you can’t roll up all of the covers onto themselves properly. Otherwise, not much thought needs to go into buying a pool cover because they’re all built to do the same thing.

6) Order A New Outdoor Pool If You Have To

Not every pool can be repaired if it is damaged beyond repair due to neglect or abuse. If you aren’t sure whether your current pool has any chance of survival or not, then don’t risk it; use this guide for beginners and order yourself a new one at a price that won’t make you feel like you wasted money if it turns out your old pool was unsalvageable. This also allows you to install low maintenance decking. Sometimes there are cosmetic issues regarding pools that need to be fixed even though the material the pool is made up of might still be in perfect condition; always research before buying something. The last thing anyone wants is to waste money needlessly without realizing it.

7) Check The Water/Filter System Every Few Month

To make sure that everything is in good condition and the pool works like it should each time you clean your pool. You should plan for this once weekly. Check to make sure there are no hard water build-ups like scale or calcium deposits and to see if any parts need replacing or if anything needs tightening. Suppose you don’t tighten the cap on the skimmer before every cleaning. In that case, it’ll eventually become unsealed and loose, which can lead to all sorts of issues concerning water circulation and filtration.

swimming pool pinswimming pool pinswimming pool pin
Summer’s here, time to get into the swim of things.

The Takeaway on Maintaining an Outdoor Pool

If you follow these seven easy steps, maintaining your outdoor swimming pool will be much less frustrating. That’s because having an inadequate system that only makes things worse than they were before. Remember to be patient and use this information and the tips to avoid spending more money than necessary on your outdoor swimming pool!

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