June 17, 2024

Tom Brady Comes Out Of Retirement; Fans Call It 'Cristiano Effect'


Tom Brady does a U-turn about his retirement decision, and as expected, Twitter had a field day with this

Just a few hours after sharing the pitch with Critiano Ronaldo, NFL legend, Tom Brady has announced his return to Buccaneers for a third season. This will be the 44-year old’s 23rd season overall. 

The news comes after the seven-time Super Bowl winner was seen interacting with Cristiano Ronaldo, after the 37-year old scored a hattrick for Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur. With a tally of 807 career goals, Ronaldo has become the highest goalscrorer of all time, as recognised by FIFA. 

In a now viral video, Cristiano allegedly asked Brady if he was “actually done” and while Brady’s answer seemed inaudible, the mystery was rather short-lived. 

Brady had announced his intention of retiring from NFL about six weeks ago. However, now with this return, he will be coming off of one of his best statistical seasons, with 43 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, and finishing as a runner-up to Aaron Rodgers for the league MVP award. 

While Brady’s comeback would’ve been on the cards for a while now, it didn’t help Twitter in making a connection with Ronaldo’s hattrick. 

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