June 18, 2024

Playing It Cool: Ranveer Singh Takes A Penalty Shot At Crystal Palace


Actor Ranveer Singh made a surprise appearance at Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park this Tuesday, taking a penalty shot at half-time

Actor Ranveer Singh made a surprise appearance at Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park this Tuesday and took a penalty shot during the game’s half-time break.

Fans cheered and took photographs with Singh, after he took off his boots and launched a kick into the mid-right side of the goalposts. The actor, donning a wine-color suit, gray overcoat, and brown beret, lit up the pitch as part of a special invite from the Premier League, making appearances at Old Trafford, the Emirates Stadium, and here, at Selhurst Park.

“I love, love being here,” shared Ranveer with the pitch reporters. “The culture, the tradition, the history… this is a completely different charm, a different vibe. I’m honored and privileged to be here. Come on you Eagles!”

As one of the Premier League’s international ambassadors since 2017, making the trip is just one of the perks of being Ranveer Singh, along with taking on mascot Pete The Eagle. This has been a tradition at the Park for years (until 2020), where two junior fans attempt to take on the mascot. This time, Singh rekindled the entertaining display with his own two feet.

Removing his boots to prevent “slipping and falling on my head,” Singh took the goal, and celebrated in front of thousands of fans with a knee slide.

Ranveer Singh Crystal PalaceRanveer Singh Crystal Palace

“Hug it out, baby,” he told Pete the Eagle. “Hug it out.”

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter led with mixed reactions – some described the actor’s appearance as ‘cringey’ and ‘embarrassing’.

Some jumped to his defense:

Crystal Palace’s next game will be an FA Cup bout against Everton, set for March 20th.

(Featured Image Credits: @CPFC/Twitter)

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