June 25, 2024

Christmas Gift Guide for Families


Hundreds of awesome ideas for the best gifts for him, her, and the kids. Includes books and games as well as clothes and toys.

Christmas gift guide for families – Hundreds of awesome ideas for the best gifts for him, her, and the kids. Great suggestions for moms and women, for dads and men, and for children, toddlers, tweens, and teens. Includes books and games as well as clothes and toys for girls and boys.


It’s almost November, so this is officially time to start talking about Christmas presents, right? I LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I love it so much that I start when school starts, if not sooner.

Most of my kids’ Christmas presents are currently hidden either on the top shelf of my closet or in a trunk in the garage, although I haven’t procured the necessary stocking stuffers just yet.

We do a 100% debt-free Christmas every year, thanks completely to my savings accounts that automatically deduct from our paychecks. I pull out a certain amount every other week, 26 times throughout the year, so that we have enough cash to pay for the elaborate Christmas that I want to give my kids. It’s just how we roll, and I have to be honest – it is AWESOME to not have to deal with Christmas bills after the holidays.

So anyway, people ask me every year what I recommend for gifts for different ages and stages, so I have compiled all of my suggestions through the years below. There are sections for:

  • gifts by ages
  • stocking stuffers
  • Christian-themed gifts
  • gifts for moms and dads
  • family gifts – games & books
  • DIY and crafty gifts

In addition to the lists linked below, I have compiled an Amazon page where you can see my recommendations for books and games for kids, teens, and adults as well as Bibles and Christian products, Harry Potter, and loads more. They’re organized in topical lists, and you can find my top picks for all sorts of things that will make great Christmas gifts.

I’ll also keep adding to this gift guide as new things come up through the holiday season, so stop back any time you need inspiration!

Christmas Gift Guides for Girls

I am a girl mom. I have two children, both daughters, so I can’t really speak to gifts appropriate for boys. There are lots of things on the lists below that might interest boys, but I’m sure there are also a lot of things that will not interest boys at all. I would like to say that there’s something for everyone here, but if you’re a boy mom, I’d love to hear your gift ideas in the comments below.

A toddler holding a Christmas giftA toddler holding a Christmas gift
A girl sitting with her Christmas presentsA girl sitting with her Christmas presents
A collage of Christmas gifts for tween girlsA collage of Christmas gifts for tween girls
teen girl with a stack of Christmas giftsteen girl with a stack of Christmas gifts

Stocking Stuffer Suggestions for Girls

This post took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to come up with so many suggestions, but I loved doing it because I love online shopping! It was like shopping for all your kids in addition to my own.

Of course, I found a thing or two (or twenty-seven) that my own kids need so I will have some decisions to make before I hit the buy button on my Amazon cart.

Christmas stocks with giftsChristmas stocks with gifts

Non-Tech Gifts for Kids

collage of non tech Christmas gifts for kidscollage of non tech Christmas gifts for kids

Christian-themed Christmas Gifts for Kids

Kids with Christmas giftsKids with Christmas gifts

Christmas Gift Guides for Moms and Dads

Christmas gifts for womenChristmas gifts for women
A man holding a Christmas giftA man holding a Christmas gift

Family Christmas Gifts – Games & Books

A family playing board gamesA family playing board games
A collage of family gamesA collage of family games
little girl peeking out from behind a treelittle girl peeking out from behind a tree
Kids reading picture booksKids reading picture books
Kids reading chapter booksKids reading chapter books

Crafty & DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids & Adults

A collage of handmade giftsA collage of handmade gifts
A collage of DIY giftsA collage of DIY gifts

There are literally hundreds of Christmas gift suggestions and ideas in the links above, so I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone in your family including boys and girls, adults and kids.

Let me know what Christmas gifts you’re considering this year below in the comments.

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