July 20, 2024

Get To Know Suryakumar Yadav's Strict Diet Plan For T20 World Cup Which Keeps Him Fit


Suryakumar's diet is focused around boosting his athleticism, maintaining body fat in a range from 12% to 15%, and fastening his recovery time from the game.

There’s hardly an argument now on Suryakumar Yadav’s status as the best T20I batter in the world. Despite playing for the first time in Australia, Suryakumar has largely been unperturbed by external conditions, having scored over 200 runs at a strike rate of just below 200. Quite rarely do we see a batter performing at such a phenomenal strike rate without sacrificing the beauty.

Irrespective of the context of the game, Suryakumar has shown great intent in his game, never taking a moment to settle in and attack everyone with the same ruthlessness. Against Zimbabwe, he played an innings adorned with physics-defying shots, maneuvering a fullish delivery way outside the off stump to fine leg boundary.

He often gets in a weird position from where you wouldn’t expect any batter to bail themselves out. Suryakumar is also among the most agile fielder in the current team, possessing a very safe pair of hands. Shweta Bhatia, his dietician, explains that his fitness is a result of a strict diet plan. He started giving major attention to his diet once he received his maiden national cup.

In her interview with PTI, Bhatia revealed that Suryakumar’s diet is focused on a five-point agenda. These agendas are centered around boosting his athleticism, maintaining body fat in a range from 12% to 15%, and fastening his recovery time from the game.

Bhatia stated, “We eliminated excess carbohydrates from Surya’s diet. His diet consists of healthy fats like nuts and Omega 3s. He consumes a lot of first-class proteins from non-vegetarian sources (eggs, meats, fish), dairy and fibrous carbohydrates from vegetables.”

She also added how healthy amounts of caffeine are a part of his routine, as it helps in boosting his energy levels. “These include whey protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and joint health supplements to name a few. The basic plan is modified from time to time as per the match, training, and travel schedules. I plan the menu, and suggest healthy alternatives and cuisines to avoid monotony.”

What’s more, Bhatia even shared that cheat meals are a rarity, and are carefully planned so that it doesn’t hurt his efficacy. “Surya has the mindset of an elite athlete and prioritizes his performance over everything else. So, cheat meals are a rarity. He has not craved junk or comfort foods since the time he started following the diet,” she concluded, before signing off.

Lead Image: Suryakumar Yadav/Twitter

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