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Google Cookies ChangesGoogle Cookies Changes

Google follows Apple in Removing Third-Party Cookies

Google is removing third-party cookies from being used in Chrome, and has announced that they will not provide a tracking alternative for advertisers. This is following Apple’s move to do the same for iOS devices in January.

There was speculation that Google would turn off cookies but replace them with other user tracking methods, however Google has promptly shut these ideas down, claiming a commitment to individual user privacy. Google claims that tracking individual users is not necessary to achieve digital advertising results. From their statement:

“People shouldn’t have to accept being tracked across the web in order to get the benefits of relevant advertising. And advertisers don’t need to track individual consumers across the web to get the performance benefits of digital advertising.”

Google is instead moving toward cohort based advertising with their new “Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) system.

This will still allow advertisers to target groups of people based on broader interests and behaviors, without needing to track on an individual level.

Google has made it clear that going into the future they will have a strong bias toward user privacy, and advertisers are going to have to adapt.


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