July 24, 2024

Bitcoin Volatility – Decentralizing Social Platforms – NBA Updates. MGR Unplugged Podcast | MGR Marketing & Lifestyle Blog


Bitcoin is very volatile, get used to it. Should social media platforms be decentralized? and the NBA is struggling to keep the season going with COVID cases increasing, but the Harden trade dominates the news.

In this episode highlight, we go into more detail about how Decentralized Finance (DeFi) savings account work and what features to look for.

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If you’re a saver, you already know that your options to earn any interest from your savings account these days are close to zero.  Banks savings yields are a joke and parking your money in a savings account will end up costing you money thanks to fees and inflation.  Of course, the bank will still make money since they will borrow YOUR money to lend it to other people and charge them a nice interest in the process.

Welcome to DeFi, where you can effectively skip the middle man (the bank in this case) and earn a decent interest rate from your savings when you and other people like you, make your money available to a pool of pre-qualified borrowers.

The savings and borrowing interest rates are dynamic and vary constantly based on supply and demand, but it is not unusual to see rates starting at 4% and go as high as 10% or 12% for some of their options.

Companies like AAVE, Compound and Voluto offer these types of DeFi savings options and you can visit

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