July 21, 2024

SPAR Makes Entire Wine Range 100% Vegan To Expand Accessibility


UK retailer SPAR is making its entire range of wine vegan following the success of Veganuary last year as more Brits call for availability

SPAR makes entire wine range vegan

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Reading Time: < 1 minute

Leading British retailer SPAR has announced it is making its entire range of wine 100 percent vegan. 

From this month, all its own-label wines will be vegan-friendly, and the store becomes the “first” major grocer in the country to do so.

There are more than 70 wines in its scope. 

The decision to veganize them was one born on boosting inclusivity and accessibility.

SPAR makes wine range vegan

It was not only the growing number of vegans in the UK that led SPAR down its green path. But the two are connected.

As brand manager Adam Georgiou explained in a statement, the move followed the soaring success of Veganuary last year.

“We decided that the time had come to create more inclusive ranges that tap into what our shoppers are looking for.

“We have a fantastic range of wines, which we know are high quality and affordable, so already catering to a wide audience.

“We’re confident that there is now something for everyone – whether they are vegan, flexitarian, or meat-eaters who just love a nice glass of wine,” Georgiou said.

UK wine launch

Currently, SPAR’s wide-spanning range has scooped more than 190 awards over the past three years.

Top favorites include the Regional Selection Languedoc Red, Regional Selection South African Reserve Chenin Blanc, and Vine & Bloom Rosé.

The full plethora of vegan wines will be available from more than 1,700 licenses SPAR stores across the UK.

Moreover, Georgiou hinted that more vegan products are in the pipeline. The company is eyeing the development of products “to cater for all dietary requirements.”

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