July 22, 2024

Open Bidding For Life-Saving Drugs, Approved by the GOI


THD NewsDesk, New Delhi: Maintaining the stance that the Government is working hard for over a year to ensure every citizen in the country is vaccinated, it decided that all those above the age of 18 will be eligible to get the shot from May 1. 

But as the country is facing a breakdown of the healthcare system with no resources available to the wailing families of covid infected patients, how can the government make the vaccine available for everyone in the third drive is explained below:

Amid a lethal second wave of Covid-19 in India, the Central Government decided to make vaccinations open for bidding in the market yesterday. This move came after receiving backlash for the vaccination shortage India is facing currently with exponentially rising infections. 

During a meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi held to discuss the situation, it was decided that the states can buy coronavirus vaccines directly from the manufacturers who can release up to 50 per cent of their supply for this purpose at a “pre-declared price”.

The decision to enable private companies to capitalize on the morbid situation was the answer to ‘ensuring all people above 18 years of age are vaccinated through the drive’ which the government is trying to achieve. 

The private vaccine manufacturers would be free to supply 50 per cent of their Central Drugs Laboratory. (CDL) released doses to the state governments and in the open market, while ensuring the supply of the remaining 50 per cent to the Central Government.

This entails that the private hospitals would have to purchase their antiviral vaccines from the 50 per cent reserved stock for entities other than the Central Government.

Citing vaccination as the important goal at this crucial time, the Union Health Ministry said, “The Prime Minister said that the government has been working hard for over a year to ensure that maximum numbers of Indians can get the vaccine in the shortest possible time. He added that India is vaccinating people at world record pace and we will continue this with even greater momentum.”

While the Government is looking at means to accelerate the vaccination drive, the country faces an acute shortage of medicines, hospital beds, and even oxygen cylinders. Indian are using social media to mine resources and match the requirements when the system fails to do so.

Source: Free Press Journal

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