July 22, 2024

Roman Abramovich Sanctions: Chelsea's Future Looks Uncertain


The sanctions have been imposed on Roman Abramovich by the UK Govt due to his “close ties” with Vladamir Putin.

Things have gone from bad to worse for Chelsea and its owner, Roman Abramovich. The Russian billionaire has been sanctioned by the UK government, which means he will no longer be allowed to sell the club. 

But that’s not it. The UK government has also frozen the billionaire’s assets in the country. As far as Chelsea is concerned, the club will continue to operate under a special license. However, there are a few caveats.

For one, no player transfers or new contracts will be allowed. The club will no longer be able to sell its merchandise or match-day tickets. Only season ticket holders will be allowed to attend the games. Additionally, no away fans will be allowed inside Stamford Bridge. 

Sanctions On Roman AbramovichSanctions On Roman Abramovich

Things were further elaborated by Nadine Dorries, the minister of Sport and Culture, who tweeted:

Last week, Roman Abramovich, published a statement declaring his intention to sell the club, amidst the increasing pressure from the UK government. The Russian is said to have “close-ties” with Vladamir Putin, which the billionaire has denied time and again. 

Recently, a Swiss billionaire and Conor McGregor were in the news for their interest in buying the club, separately. With the recent developments, we think they might have to wait a while before making any bids. 

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